Pop, rock, jazz or funk with me you can learn any genre. Together we work on your musical journey, regardless of your experience or age. As a music pedagogy student at the Lemmens Institute, I am familiar with healthy singing techniques and musical individuality. Would you like to grow as a singer or develop more self-confidence? Then I'd love to help you with this!


Would you like to get to know how your voice works? Do you want to learn the right techniques to grow as a singer? Then I can definitely help you! In addition to my Music Pedagogy course at the Lemmens Institute, I am also active as a singer/songwriter at Indigo. I'd love to share my knowledge I've gained with you!


After my classical piano training at the Lemmens Institute and two years of singing/songwriting at PXL-music, I entered the world of pop music where I now work full time as a songwriter. Have you always wanted to write or record a song? Or do you just want to work on your voice or piano skills? Then I'd love to help you with that!


We all have a voice – but how can we use it well? It's not just about singing, it's also about speaking and breathing. How can you find and develop your own voice?

I'm Eliza, a singer from Norway – I studied classical singing in Amsterdam, and I'm very inspired by jazz, rock & metal! I offer an exciting lesson with exercises that makes singing easy. Together we can discover your repertoire and have a lot of fun while singing!


Trained as a multi-instrumentalist and studying at the Lemmens Institute, Jonas imagines his way through the music world. He previously worked in various pop, new-wave and punk groups as a singer and guitarist and is currently active in Cellar Soul. He would like to stimulate or further develop his passion for music within others.

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