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Private music lessons in Leuven

Always wanted to play an instrument? Need help learning your favorite song or want to start a band with other musicians? This is your chance! We offer personalized private instrument lessons and band lessons in the heart of Leuven. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced player, young or old, everyone is welcome. During the individual instrument lessons, the coach works with you for half an hour every week, depending on your specific needs and wishes. The instrument lessons are fully personalized to your level and interests. We offer professional support in finding your personal path. Because we offer personal lessons, you can choose your coach yourself. So take a look at the team and find the coach that fits you the best!

All information about the teaching materials and offers can be found here..

Learning to play guitar during our music lessons

In our music school you can take individual music lessons of 30 minutes each. You can choose from the following formulas:

  • The school year formula runs from September through June and includes 32 lessons.
  • With a ten-lesson series, you can start whenever you want throughout the school year.
  • If you're not sure that you want multiple lessons or you have a specific question, try a trial lesson!
  • Are you unable to attend class at the same time every week, or do you want to have different coaches? Then a ten-lesson card is the ideal formula for you! With this card, you can book 10 separate lessons at the day and hour that suit you the best.

Prices school year 2024-2025:

  • trial lesson: 1 music lesson for 22 euro (maximum 1 per person)
  • ten-lesson series: 10 music lessons for 260 euro
  • School year formula: 32 music lessons for 715 euro 
  • ten-lesson card: 10 individual music lessons with any coach for 290 euro

With both the school year formula and the ten-lesson series, you come every week (thirty or ten weeks), with the exception of the school holidays. That means that our schedule works the same as the average music school, we follow the school holidays and expect of you to attend every lesson. In this way you will achieve faster results and you can get the most out of your lessons. More information can be found in our regulations. Students are expected to have their own instrument so that they are able to practice at home.

For the ten-lesson card you are responsible for booking lessons throughout the year. We do not guarantee that you will be able to take these lessons with the same coach, nor that you can complete these lessons in one school year. But don’t worry, an unfinished card can be taken to the next school year and this for a maximum of one school year. To avoid pressure on our agendas, we may limit this offer.

Music lessons in Leuven


It is not easy to attend your music lesson every week for a whole year, and we understand that. Especially in times of a pandemic, where you can fall ill and therefore better not come to class. For this reason, we have decided to give every student the right to 2 valid absences per school year!

Are you ill? With a simple doctor's note you get a catch-up lesson at the end of your lesson series! Do you have to work? Then ask your employer for proof. In our regulations you will find every valid reason to receive a make-up lesson.

Band classes

Because our Rock Camps are gradually becoming legendary and the demand is increasing, we have started to offer students the opportunity to make music together under the guidance of a teacher throughout the year. Are you a drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, singer, tambourine player, … We search for the fellow musicians that fit you the best. We take into account your favorite genre, your age and your level.

Under the guidance of a coach, you can play your favorite music with different musicians for an hour a week with the aim of being ready to conquer the world. Hopefully the world is ready to receive these up-and-coming talents too! At the end of the year we organize a festival in the music store ‘Muziekhandel Leo Caerts’ with all the ensemble bands

For 30 band lessons of one hour you pay 465 euro.

Register here!

Rock camps

For more than 10 years we have been going with a big group to music camp. Throughout the years a lot of things have changed. But one thing never changed: We Rock! 

This school year we offer 3 camps:

Mini-Rockertjesweek: a five-day camp (during the day with no overnight stays) with a bunch of fun musical activities. The perfect musical journey for kids between 5 and 8 years old. 

Maxi-Rockertjesweek: a five-day camp (during the day with no overnight stays) where we make kids between 8 and 12 years old real artists. 

Rockkamp: a five-day music camp with an overnight stay packed with musical activities and workshops. A real must for the more experienced rockers starting at 12 years old.

Our camps!

Who are we?

We are an alternative private music school in Leuven that offers personalized music lessons. Our school is in the Naamsestraat in Leuven above the music store ‘muziekhandel Leo Caerts’ Our school is almost 15 years old, so we have a lot of experience and a lot of touring musicians started with our coaches to make their passion their career. Everyone starting from the age of 6 years old is welcome with us! (This is because children under 6 are physical too small to play most instruments). In short; experience is absolutely not necessary to get started with us. But professional musicians can also be taught here.  

Band class - Rock camp 2021

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