19 December 2020

Consult class schedule

Do you already use Classy.School?

With this handy tool you can easily view your class schedule , so you can see whether your class will continue this week, whether it is your last class, whether we have planned a catch-up lesson for you,...

In addition, you can ask a quick question via the internal message system or consult your invoice.

Finally, your coach adds notes to your past lessons with all the information you need to practice the lesson properly at home. You too can add a note! For example, you can pass on a song you would like to learn to your coach or ask a question about the previous lesson.

Consult class schedule

Are you a mini orMAXI rocker?

Excited to make music with friends? Or have you always wanted to be on stage?

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We want you!

Our music school has been growing for several years, so it's time for reinforcement. Therefore, de Rockschool is looking for a flexible, sociable, and musical administrative and communications officer with a creative flair, availability in the evenings, and a hands-on mentality.

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How does the ten-lesson card work?

Are you considering a flexible lesson schedule, where you have the option to sporadically attend classes or try out a variety of courses? Then the ten-lesson card is for you!

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Rockschoolrock 2024

With a sold-out venue, Rockschoolrock 2023 exceeded all expectations; therefore, this year we're serving up a double dose of rock 'n' roll.

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Looking for the perfect gift?

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Give a music lessons!

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New: Rent your practice space

Don't have a piano at home, want to practice on an acoustic drum kit, or don't want to disturb your roommates during the exam period? Rent our classrooms during your course!

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New: Our Musical Network

In addition to music lessons, we have recently started working with external coaches. They will teach you the tricks of their trade.

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RockschoolRock 2023

After last year's successful edition, this legendary final concert by De Rockschool is back.

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Rock choir

Are you interested in joining a rock choir? Sign up here and receive all updates!

1 October 2022

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Get the most out of your music lessons!

Half an hour is good but can sometimes seem short. Why is this? Because it's fun! Read here how you can really get the most out of your 30 minutes.

16 September 2021

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Rockschool goes digital: Lessen Logic Pro, Ableton en Garageband

As a musician of the 21st century, working with Ableton, Logic Pro and similar programs is indispensable. These DAWs (Digital audio workstations) offer everyone the opportunity to record, create and produce music themselves.

13 March 2021

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Customized online music lessons!

Due to success, the online music lessons are permanently included in our range of lessons!

26 February 2021

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Whether you are a beginner, already advanced, young or old, everyone is welcome.

Primary education, adult or retired? Beginner or already advanced? Everyone is welcome in our music school

6 February 2021

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Rock News || Music lessons in times of Lockdown 2.0

Everything you need to know as a student of De Rockschool during the new lockdown

6 November 2020

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Purchase instrument and accessories

You will of course make the best progress if you practice a lot at home. So having your own instrument is a must!

26 December 2020

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We provide a monthly update on everything that is going on in De Rockschool. Interested? Register now via the 'newsletter' button in the menu bar!

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New: Songwriting

Wat zit er in een lied(je)? Hoe begin ik zélf aan een lied(je)? Hoe verzoen ik tekst en muziek? Het zijn maar enkele vragen waar songschrijvers van over heel de wereld al decennia mee worstelen.

1 September 2019

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Rockertjesweek in full swing

Check "Our Coolest Kids On The Block'! Volg hun fratsen op onze facebookpagina of via ons Instagram account.

6 August 2019

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