I have more than 15 years of experience as a teacher, and every year I work hard to further improve myself. My approach is calm, and my knowledge is extensive.

If I can assist you, I do so with full dedication and passion for the instrument!


Surprisingly enough, a wooden plank with 6 strings offers enormous possibilities. Putting down rock-solid riffs, acoustic strumming, or perhaps even diving into the intriguing world of experimental music? It's all possible with me! No matter what level you're at everyone is welcome, and I am happy to guide you with great pleasure and enthusiasm!


Trained as a multi-instrumentalist and studying at the Lemmens Institute, Jonas imagines his way through the music world. He previously worked in various pop, new-wave and punk groups as a singer and guitarist and is currently active in Cellar Soul. He would like to stimulate or further develop his passion for music within others.

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