Music theory & preparing for entrance exams


I have more than 15 years of experience as a teacher, and every year I work hard to further improve myself. My approach is calm, and my knowledge is extensive.

If I can assist you, I do so with full dedication and passion for the instrument!


Wil je graag een muzikale opleiding volgen aan een pop & rockafdeling zoals PXL-Music of KASK? Dan help ik je graag om muziektheorie en andere theoretische onderwerpen onder de knie te krijgen. Zeker als je geïnteresseerd bent in opleidingen zoals muziekproductie of muzikant-elektronica, voorzie ik je van de nodige informatie en vaardigheden.


Would you like to prepare for an entrance exam at Lemmens or become a master in music theory? As a student of Music Pedagogy at Lemmens, I can certainly help you! Together we work on the theoretical aspect of the entrance test so that we can strive for a positive result!


Do you play drums and do you want to prepare optimally for an entrance test at PXL, KASK or another pop and rock department?
Together we leave as little as possible to chance and we practice the audition process, we prepare your imposed and free works and we go all out for a successful result!

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